Wild Florida

Come by the Wild Florida Tent at Spring Fest to meet Fluffy!  Fluffy is a 3 year old alligator who lives at Wild Florida. Although he is only about 3 feet long today, he could someday grow to be 15 feet long! Fluffy was found in a residential area, too close to humans. He was removed by authorities and brought to Wild Florida, where he will have a good long life. Alligators can live to be up to 90 years old in captivity! Come meet Fluffy and get the chance to hold a real live alligator!


Wild Florida Airboat Rides is Orlando’s Only Airboat Ride & Gator Park Experience. Just a 45 minute drive from the Orlando and Disney area, offering beautiful airboat tours during the day, realizing sunset airboat tours and exciting night tours that guests of all ages will love and enjoy. Travel deep into the protected swamps, marshes and rivers that make up the Central Florida Everglades. Get an in depth look at the gators, birds, eagles, trees and plants as you glide through over 100,000 acres of beautiful wetlands. This is Natural and Authentic Florida at its very best! 


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